-Mood Tracking Charts!!

Hey guys, you’ve been asking for them, so here are a few of my favorite mood tracking charts. I said they were one type of file but they are definitely readable by Adobe Acrobat. If you can’t access them, I can give you other websites that have them available in other forms if you comment or email me. It’s challenging for me to remember to fill these out, first of all because you need to print them out first, then remember where you put them, bla bla bla… So, it’s my recommendation that you take a look at what the charts have on them and make your own in Excel or in a notebook, covering whatever information you find useful. Basically, you need to make a chart of the moods that change as often as you can. For us mixed state and rapid cyclers, this can be difficult to monitor. For rapid cyclers, try charting all day for about a week to see what your moods usually do during the day and then start charting once a day for every month. Try charting all day once a week, same times, same days, getting on a good schedule of remembering to chart. Otherwise your charts will be useless because you won’t really be able to track the times of day and the month that you get up or down. Or mixed. Or whatever. Sorry, I’m listening to my cd and the Simpsons in the office next to me so I’m super scatterbrained. So, basically, chart the same things, same times, same days, same everything….so on and so forth.

Here are the files for the monthly and daily trackers. They are nice and uploaded and linked here:

Monthly Diary 1

Monthly Diary 2

Daily Diary

I hope this has been helpful, as with everything else I write for you guys. Sorry I haven’t been writing lately, been super busy and all!! Have a great day and happy holidays! Be sure to give The Salvation Army your money!! LOL!



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